SPRING STOCK UP | lust list

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Living in Canada, my winter drags well into spring. In fact, sometimes we get snowstorms in April. It can be tough reading my favourite blogs and seeing the girls wearing shorts, tees and cute little sundresses and announcing three more weeks until kini season. Big whoop, I have MONTHS to go. In fact, I'm going snowboarding again this weekend. My disgruntled behaviour aside, this leaves me that many more months to drool over cute spring and summer clothes and shoes that I want to buy. Of course, I can't buy them all...let's be real. I live in one of the most expensive real estate capitals in North America, my boyfriend is a medical resident and I'm a marketing manager. Beer budget on champagne taste for the next couple years. But one can lust! There are a few items in the list above that I'll likely end up buying - prolly the ripped blue and white jeans, wedges (i'm sorry, I love the Marc wedges, but literally EVERYONE HAS THEM), floral top, tassel sandals (Thanks DailyDoseOfCharm) sunnies, and maybe treat myself to the handbag...my bday is coming up! Also - I love the black off-the-shoulder-top and dress...they're both super versatile.

Oooh, and also, the Nike sneaks! I already have these - the ones I have are closer to a purple, but I included them anyway because they're SO comfortable and they look amazing! If you're in the market for new sneaks, these are your girls.

Have a fabulous week!