HOMETOWN GETAWAY | prince edward county

This past weekend Bryon and I both had time off together, and decided to visit my parents'. For one, I had hockey Sunday night, and I also had to work out of our Prince Edward County office today (Monday), so it made sense to make a weekend out of it. If you're not familiar with the County (Prince Edward County) it's a small island just south of Belleville (about a half hour south-west of Kingston, Ontario). There's a beautiful Provincial Park called Sandbanks, which is probably more well-known. But over the past 10 years, Prince Edward County has slowly become a hot spot for trendy vacationers in the summer months. With the recent opening of The Drake Devonshire Inn it's now even more well-known. Not to mention there are 48 spectacular wineries throughout the county, delicious places to eat, boutique hotels and B&B's and cute shops. In the colder months, there is less to do, but nonetheless I still love coming home. It always feels like a relaxing mini-vacation.

Below are some snapshots from the weekend, but if you're interested in visiting Prince Edward County, I'll provide some links below along with some suggested clothing options to pack. I had a couple girlfriends from Brussels visit Canada last summer, and they made a stop in the County and LOVED it.

If you visit The County:

Places to see

Wineries (my favourites - you'll also find that each winery has their signature food item. Again, these are just my g-to's. I couldn't possibly list all the wineries, and there are several others I love)

-Norman Hardie (best wines of the County, and they also have wood-oven pizza that is often raved about)

-Karlos Estates Winery (they have a beautiful tasting room that's more of a sun room and they serve pairings with their tastings)

-Hinterland (beautiful sparkling wines. Les Estoiles is close to a champagne taste, but my all-time favourite is their Ancestral. They also sell an amazing -Syrah and cider, but neither are available for tasting, but I always buy a bottle)

-Beside Hinterland and owned by the same owners is County Road Brewery. This is a great place to sample a flight of their beers and they also have tasty snacks. I recommend going in the summer, sitting outside in the back and getting a plate of their fresh oysters)

-The Grange has good wines, but they also have a picnic lunch that you can purchase (it's so adorable and comes in a picnic basket, which you can eat anywhere on their grounds.

-Traynor Vineyard has great wines and TACOS in this summer. They have become increasingly popular this past summer

-Closson Chase Winery is great if you love white wines.

-County Cider Company has the most beautiful views. Although the vineyard on their property doesn't belong to them, you can get spectacular photos from this spot, enjoy the best season ciders and gourmet wood oven pizzas. This spot is a MUST

To Sun

-Wellington Beach (in my photos above). The water is always so beautiful at this beach. It beautiful to see, but you can also get amazing photos here. There is a boardwalk. I will say that in the colder months the wind is really intense and pretty cold. If you go in the summer you can sit on the beach and watch the kite-surfers, however it's not the most comfortable beach.

-Sandbanks Provincial Park (Go to The Dunes) it's my favourite spot, I go here just about every weekend to lay out and cool off in the water. If you're ambitious enough you can climb to the top of one of the Dunes and enjoy a great view.

To Eat & Drink

ummm where do I even begin!? Below are places that I've eaten and love. But there is LOTS to choose from

-Fancy cocktails and fancy food - The Drake Devonshire Inn (the locals will tell you to avoid this place because their prices are not comparable with the County, but I love it here. It's such a unique venue

-The County Canteen has great live music, good food, and it's a really fun gathering spot

-The Courage is a very hipster spot. The food is interesting in a good way, and I like their selection of wine.

-Acoustic Grill is a fun casual spot to hear live music and pub food (they have a mean vegan poutine). I will say, in the summer it gets really busy. But it's a good spot for all ages

-Check out most of the wineries for food like wood oven pizza and snacks.

- Agrarian Bistro...I love love love this place. It's a little small, so it does fill up!

To Stay

I stay at my parents' so I don't have to worry about this, but I can offer some help:

- Upscale / fancy: The Drake Devonshire

-Angeline' Inn

-Lots of Airbnb's to check out

-Camping at the Sandbanks Provincial Park (you pretty much have to book a year in advance)

-Glamping at Fronterra Farms (my Dad helped build their glampsites!!)

-Huffs Estates (I'm not a fan of this winery, but it would be a cool place to stay.

-The Warring House (a slightly older crowd usually stays there though, but the Barley Room is a decent pub to check out)

-TONS of B&B's but you need to book them ahead

-There are also cottage resorts as well