1. Chambray strapless dress:HERE | 2. Off the shoulder blouse with bow: HERE| 3. Ruffle Tee: HERE | 4. Blue and White Off The Shoulder Blouse: HERE | 5. Off The Shoulder With Tiered Sleeves: HERE | 6. White Graphic Tee: HERE | 7. White Tank: HERE | 8. Crochet Detailed Top: HERE | 9. Off The Shoulder Shirt Dress: HERE

I've been reading some blogs that I follow and so many of them are already enjoying spring weather (those in the southern States) and here in Canada, spring still feels like it's forever away! But there are so many cute clothes popping up and I think it's okay to at least start preparing for warmer weather. I would love to show you guys actual outfit posts, but right now my cute outfits are covered by my warm grey Aritzia parka and double layers of clothing. So, I'm forced to stick with collages for now. I really REALLY love the look of these light blues and whites, and blue and white stripes - it looks so cool and classic for spring and summer. The items in the collage above are on my lust list right now, especially 4 and 5! I will for sure be purchasing both!

I hope you love them too, the bottom two options are extremely cheap btw! And also, so is 3 (I think it's like $39 USD - you lucky ducks, you don't even want to know what the CAD exchange is hahaha)

I hope you are having a fabulous day!