FOLLOW THE ICE TRAIL | arrowhead provincial park

If you have the opportunity to head up north (north of Muskoka) I recommend going to Arrowhead Provincial Park to skate on the skating trail. This trail loops through one of the campgrounds (The trail is actually the road that loops through the campground in the summer) and offers a different scenic view than your typical skating rink in the city.

Surrounded by trees, you can enjoy the woods while gliding on the trail. This was on my #TakingBackWinter list, and it's been tough finding a weekend to get there. Especially with Canadian weather these days - some days it's warm, some days it's cold AF, some days it's raining, sometimes there's a blizzard so terrible you can't see the hood of your's a little crazy up here. If you do end up here and the weather shuts down the ice trail, you can go tubing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and hiking too. Not to mention, Algonquin Park is close by and there's really pretty trails there.

We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Huntsville (super glam, I know) and then drove over to the park in the morning. On Saturdays the trail opens at 11am, and closes at 9pm after the Fire and Ice option at 6pm. It costs about $17 for the pass, which lasts you until 9pm, but it's extra to go skiing. Getting there early is important! Freshly cleared and flooded ice, less people, less children, more space to put on skates by the fire. It got crowded and we ended bouncing at around 12:30pm. Lunch at 5 Guys and Stove and you're good-to-go! It's a perfect weekend getaway.

Our photos are a little bit dark, and again, we're still getting used to this camera. But Bryon was literally skating backwards and taking photos of me, so I'm pretty impressed with his skills. I'll include some iPhone photos at the bottom. You can also check my Instagram, because I'll be uploading them here and there.

iPhone Photos: