THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS | Valentine's Day

white sweater: Chic Wish | Candle: Indigo | Jewelry Dish: Indigo | Mug: Indigo | iPhone Case: Nordstorm | Pyjamas: Etsy | Flowers: Landeau | Perfume: Haute Couture, Givenchy | Lipstick: NARS | Spa Service: Her Majesty's Pleasure, Toronto

I've never really been one to celebrate Valentine's Day. Although, I've been single for quite a few years up until Bryon and I started dating, so it was never really considered a 'romantic' day for me. Plus, I never really understood the concept of forcing someone to buy you jewelry, flower, chocolate and pricey dinners because it was expected (aside from birthdays). To me, love and romance should be presented more spontaneously, that's the best way to show appreciation in my opinion. But I do think it's a fun day for girls, and if anything, I like to show appreciation to my girlfriends on this day and make them feel special, whether they have a significant other or not. So if you do want to treat your lady soulmate to something on what I like to call 'Gal'entine's Day, the above are some really cute and fun options - or a little bit of inspiration.

Each of these items caught my eye! Everything is linked above below the photo, but I've added a few personal details below if you're interested in reading why I included them.

Pretty White Sweater:

I saw this sweater on Chic Wish and I thought it was so pretty and girly. I thought it would be a cute top for Valentine's Day. It's not over the top, and the lace and ribbons work really well together.


How cute is this candle! Candles always make a great gift, and I thought the 'You're my Fave' slogan was appropriate for a gal pal.

Jewelry Dish:

I have a couple dishes like these at home, and they're perfect for gather loose items like hair elastics, rings, earrings and necklaces without scattering them across dressers and bathroom vanity's. They're perfect for any girl who has a lot of random little items to collect.

Coffee Mug:

This mug is so cute! It would be great for work. Such a nice gift for a friend who loves coffee.

iPhone Case:

White marble print is certainly a trend right now. I think this phone case is really stylish and trendy. It looks super sleek - and it's a thoughtful gift for a friend.


I first saw this pyjama set on The Every Girl. I think it's so perfect - I hate when I'm super hot at night, and this just looked really comfortable and perfect for summer and winter.


There's a catch with this one! Landeau does not service Toronto :( just Vancouver and I believe L.A. I personally love having flowers in the house, especially during the winter months when everything outside looks so grey and dead. If you do want to boxed flowers, there is another company that ships in the U.S and Canada, along with many other international options, and they're called Venus Fleur. A local option, for those living in Toronto and Prince Edward County, is an arrangement from Coriander Girl.

Haute Couture:

If you have a friend who love perfume, this one is really pretty and romantic. My bestie has worn this perfume since she was in high school, and it has such a distinctive scent.


This NARS set contains my favourite red lip pencil, Cruella. It's the most delightful shade of red. Both pencils are perfect hues for Valentine's Day.

Her Majesty’s Pleasure:

If you live in Toronto, and can easily get here, this place has been on my list for a while. Basically you get served bubbly and other cocktails while you're pampered. It's the girliest spa day you can experience, and it's something fun that you and a friend can enjoy together!