WORKING EYES | best eyeshadow palettes for the office

Tarte | Tartlette Palette | Too Faced: Chocolate Bon Bons | Too Faced: Chocolate Bar | Urban Decay: Naked

Sometimes it's difficult to know what's appropriate for makeup at work. I can ensure you, it's not thick black eyeliner, super dark eyeshadow, spider-y eyelashes and basically the makeup you would wear in the evening. At work, you want to exude professionalism, and professional makeup is always the way to go! Personally, I love makeup, but I absolutely know when to draw the line. Over the years, I've acquired a few palettes that can accommodate both evening, day and work makeup. I thought I would offer you my choices from a few super popular palettes. My combos may not be suitable for you, everyone has colours that look good on them. I have brown hair and brown eyes - to give you some insight. I've chosen 3 shades from each palettes (because let's be honest, when you're getting ready in the morning, time matters!) to make it simple.

Tarte, Tartelette Palette (I know there's a spelling mistake in the image and I am SO's so embarrassing)

Use Free Spirit as your transition, or base shadow, or all-over lid shadow (whatever you wanna call it). A little hack, after you apply foundation, this shadow is really great at covering redness or as a powder to set concealer.

Next, apply Natural Beauty in your crease.

I then use Wanderer with a blending brush around the corners of my eyelid and work it toward the centre of my eyelid. This gives the look some depth. At first the combination looks like it won't look great, but it works for me. Alternative colours are Best Friend and Power Player if you want a pretty purple look.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons (Currently my favourite palette!)

Start with Cashew Chew on the lid as above, and then Almond Truffle in the crease. You can stop here if you like. It's a really pretty combination and looks nice and bright! For the crease, add in Bordeaux with a blending brush for some depth. It's a beautiful colour.

You'll notice in the photo I highlighted a couple other colours, there's another really great look for work in this palette that would work for winter and fall. For the base, start with Divinity, and then add Mocha in the crease followed by Bordeaux again. This is my current favourite look. It's just slightly more dramatic than the first, but still totally appropriate for work. It's a great look to try if you have somewhere to be after work because you can easily intensify it and pair with a deep-coloured lipstick.

Too Faced, Chocolate Bar (YouTube makeup vlogger fave)

This palette is super popular and can offer a TON of different looks. When I use this palette for work, this is generally the combination I opt for. I will say now, this look is a bit darker than the average, so if you're looking for something bright, I would suggest the two looks above or one of the alternatives listed with those palettes. This one is also shimmery, so if your shadow creases throughout the day or you don't use a good primer (I recommend Hourglass Mineral Primer), I would not recommend this look for long-term wear.

Start with Salted Carmel as your transition shade - it's a great transition shade for a lot of looks. Apply Milk Chocolate in your crease - you can leave it here if you're going for the minimalist look. I love this colour - it's super natural and easy to blend. Next apply Haute Chocolate in your crease with a light hand and blend, blend, blend! You can try Hazelnut as well, it's a little lighter but still has the shimmer.

Urban Decay, Naked (popular and looks good on everyone!)

I've had this palette forever, and most of my friends own it too. It has really great neutral shades that are suitable for pretty much everyone! You can get a lot of different combinations from this palette, but this is my go-to for work.

Start with Buck on the lid (don't extend it over the crease to brow bone, because this colour is too dark), and then apply Sin into the crease and blend it. It's a pretty shimmery colour. Next apply Toasted to the outer corners of your eyes and blend it inward. It's not too dark, but it's a really pretty shimmery look.