Personally, I love birthdays. It doesn't matter how old I'm turning, how old the birthday girl / boy is turning, I make an extra effort to ensure they feel special. Yesterday, Bryon turned 35. Leading up to his birthday, he seemed a little bummed about 35, so I knew I had to make sure his day was extra special and that I kept him on his toes. I had so much fun planning everything, and I was so excited about all the surprises and places I planned for us to go.

He wakes up to go to work before me, so the night before I made him some overnight oats and left him an epic birthday (I mean birthDRAKE) card, which outlined an itinerary for his day. It included telling all his patients that it was his birthday and he was turning 25, and also getting home safely and putting on some Drake while he put on something to wear appropriate for a nice dinner, but also warm for a little road trip. I made sure that when he got home from work, he was greeted with his gift, and he opened them once he got home. I got him this WATCH (which of course is now on sale) and this WATCH CASE.

For Christmas his mom got him this really cool record player and it's basically been his pride and joy (more than the pineapple he's currently growing and just LOVES to talk about). While reading BlogTO one day, I found out about this amazing record store that is basically the holy grail of vinyl in Toronto, and I knew I had to surprise him with a visit there. HE LOVED IT. We spent a while in there finding little gems like a used Frank Sinatra record and The Temptations, along with new records like Pearl Jam and The Tragically Hip. It was so fun! If you have a record player, this place is a must. And even if you don't, you can listen to used records for fun.

After that, we went to Dark Horse for cappuccinos to go and jumped in a cab back to our condo to listen to our new purchases for a bit. We had dinner resos at Barberian's Steak House on Elm Street. It was SO GOOD. You can read my Yelp review HERE. But I absolutely recommend that place for a special occasion. Of course we ended the night with a perfect little birthday cake and some wine. It was such a fun night - the thing is with birthday, is that person you are celebrating isn't the only one who enjoys the festivities. I had a great night hanging out with my love and seeing him smile.