Before I start, I want to apologize - as I got into an hour of my 5 hour drive on the 401 to Ottawa, I realized I had left my good camera at home. So, here we are with some iPhone photos. Sorry for the quality!

Now - onto the good stuff! Bryon had his 'Gentleman's Dinner' on Saturday with the guys, which meant a full night of debauchery and dudes and a Sunday Funday consisting of a full-on hangover. While I love him very much, I figured it was best for me to plan a girls weekend. Going to Ottawa to visit my friends from university felt like the perfect option. Not to mention, it had been a while since I've enjoyed some time with the girls.

When I go to Ottawa, I usually stay at my friend Cristina. Our history as friends can basically be chalked up to...down for anything. As in one of us is studying for finals and the other wants to go out so the studious one agrees. A.KA. we partied a lot in undergrad. So you can imagine what our weekends consist of whenever I visit. There's usually a few empty bottles of wine or beer hanging out on Sunday morning.

My girlfriends and I have this adorable tradition where we meet for high tea whenever I visit. We used to go Zoe's Cafe in the Chateau Laurier, but a new place opened called Vanitea Tea Room, and after seeing adorable photos of their decor on social media we had to give it a try. It is the ultimate place in Ottawa to get in touch with your girly side, and we all loved it there. The tea selection was great! They also accommodated peanut-free (me) and gluten free (my friend Monique), which was a huge relief.

And of course, we headed to Quebec for snowshoeing in Gatineau Park (if you go snowshoeing there, make sure you drive to P13!!) followed by our staple stop when in Chelsea, Chelsea Pub (they have the best poutine and French Onion Soup, but are so busy. So always expect to wait in line).

I was SO happy I was able to get in a girls weekend. Bryon and I have plans to go back to Ottawa for Winterlude in February, which I'm really excited about. But it's always good to have some girl time!

above: Not the best photo, but there is a stunning mural on the wall!

above: the prettiest mimosas! They were super delicious too!

above: my little tea spread - the purple spoon was edible. It was SO delicious. And make note of the Kate Spade-inspired tea pots. Everything was beyond adorable.

above: the drive to Gatineau Park was spectacular. There was so much fresh snow, and because it was quite cold, it nestled into the fur trees and looked so pretty.

above: a slightly blurry pic, but I can't resist a wintry country road. To my right is a lake that had a thick blanket of snow and a slight fog sitting on top. We got to the park a little later than expected, so we ended up snowshoeing at dusk.

above: after snowshoeing and mowing down on pub fare, we headed back to Ottawa for a few drinks.

above: and ended the evening at 3am with extra large poutines and milkshakes at Elgin Street Diner. Zero regrets.