Winter Boots: Sorel | UGG Boots: UGG | Matte Black Rainboots: Hunter | Wool Socks: Roots | Toque: Roots | Mittens: Indigo | Parka: Aritzia | Boot Socks: Hunter | Fleece-Lined Leggings: H&M |

I live in Canada, so it can get pretty cold up here. Surviving winter is not always easy. But this year, Canada is 150 years old and there is a TON of cool stuff happening and I really want to get out there more. As I've mentioned before, I'm doing #TakingBackWinter, which is my own personal way of enjoying winter activities. Of course, today we are embarking on the beginning of some seriously cold weather over the next few weeks, so I felt it was fitting to share my bundle up tactics to make the cold weather bearable.

The key is layering with warm items. You'll notice I've introduced you to three different boots. This isn't so you can be fashionably-versatile (although, they are all super cute), it's more of a matter of providing options for the weather. Canada is sort of finicky with its winter weather. One day it could be freezing and dry, and the next day could be mild with slushy wet snow, so you need to be prepared for anything!

The Sorels are for snow-related excursions. When it's cold, and you're dealing with multiple conditions, these will not only keep your feet dry, they will keep your feet warm and snow-free. They are also slush-proof. Going beyond the most hated word in fashion, although sensible (I just cringed reading that word in my head) they actually look really cute with a pair of wool Roots socks. So there you have it. UGG's are not really a thing anymore, but I don't even care. If it's dry and cold UGG's are a saviour. Think Polar Vortex weather. You don't even need to wear socks with them and your toes will never get cold. Bryon bought me a new pair for Christmas (with adorable bows, I've linked them above) because my tall black ones were ratty and salt-stained and made me look like a hobo. The Hunter boots have not been included because they're so cool and everyone and your favourite fashion blogger own them. When worn with the socks (linked above) they can be used as winter boots during the slushier / wet snow days to keep feet and pants dry!

I'm a huge fan of toques, and my collection shows this. While I love the vintage looking toques with the pom-pom's on top, I still have a few beanies and my favourite fleece-lined toque from Roots from last season. Unfortunately for you, it's no longer available. This warmer than hell toque is perfect for surviving the coldest days, so if you can find something similar, you're golden. Really any toque will help (like the one linked above), but find something that's snug to your ears so it won't fall off or let in a knife-cutting cold breeze. Fleece-lined mittens are best, too. Mittens will always be warmer because they keep your fingers together for body warmth. For extra cold days, I prefer a brand called Hot Paws. They're available at a lot of retail locations, you just have to keep your eyes open for them. Make sure your mittens are lined though! It makes a huge difference.

Artizia parkas are INSANELY expensive but worth the money. They last forever, and they truly are the warmest and animal-friendly (fur-free!!!) parkas you can get in Canada. Aritiza also offers several different styles to choose from, which is really great. I linked my personal favourite above. Most of their parkas are on sale right now, too.

And finally, get a pair of fleece-lined tights. Put them under your pants on more milder days (or under leggings too) and when it's absolutely freezing out, you can put them under pants, and then snow pants over your pants for a complete shield against winter. I've shown footless ones, but I actually wear full tights for extra feet warmth.

I encourage you to give winter a shot this year! I'll be doing lots with Bryon and my friends, so hopefully it inspires you to take back winter too, and start exploring what winter has to offer in your area!