TRAIL MIX | Spiked Hot Chocolate On The Niagara Escarpment

Bryon and I don't get time off together. Ever.

Because I'm currently on contract at my current job, I don't get vacation time so I have to be careful about time I book off. But somehow we managed to have time off together around Christmas and New Years, so we made the most out of a staycation. I'm on this whole taking back winter kick, where I'm trying to make the most out of the winter months. I've gone many years hibernating indoors with soup and movies when really I should be outdoors being Canadian. So here I am! You're all going to be seeing a lot of my Aritzia parka moving forward (it's the warmest coat I own).

On NYE during the day, Bryon took me to the Hamilton area to check out Webster Falls and Tews Falls at the Spencer Gorge. I had seen photos of it before, and waterfall hopping is something I love. Unfortunately, we were mildly disappointed when we learned that while both of the falls are on the Grey Bruce Trail, this particular area of the trail is now closed. So instead of hiking between each of the falls we had to drive to them.

We made some tasty spiked hot chocolate (our holiday version of trail mix) for the hike and poured it into the thermos I won from Drake General Store (it kept our hot chocolate steaming for 6 hours, and probably could have stayed warm longer than that!). Aside from the closed trail, seeing the waterfalls in the winter was really beautiful. If you've ever gone hiking when there's fresh snow on the ground, you can appreciate the scenery you're treated to and the peacefulness.

above: my toque and thermos are both from Drake General Store. Bryon has Mountie socks from the same brand, too! I just bought my Sorel boots from SoftMoc and they were ON SALE!

above: Webster Falls

above: our spiked hot chocolate was amazing!! 4-5 scoops of salted caramel hot chocolate that I got for Christmas and two shots of Kahlua. In the words of Bryon, "YUMMO".

above: Behind me is Tews Falls.

above: A rare moment of Bryon stepping in front of the camera.

above: Tews Falls.