SNOWSHOEING INTO 2017 | Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

Somehow, on January 1st, 2017, Bryon and I managed to drag our 30-something hung over bodies out of bed and into the car for a two hour drive to Collingwood to go snowshoeing. Who's idea was that? Mine. And I'm totally owning it.

I've wanted to go snowshoeing FOREVER. It's the winter activity that gets overlooked the most, in my opinion. But thE great thing about snowshoeing is that it can take you into beautiful wintry trails for absolutely breathtaking images of winter. A colleague at work suggested Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, although our original plan was to go on some trails less traveled - but we were a little slow getting moving. If you go later in the afternoon you get a $3 discount and you still get enough time to enjoy the trails. We didn't have time to cross the suspension bridge, but none-the-less it was so fun and SO pretty. We chose the perfect day to go, too. It wasn't too cold, so once we were bundled up we were comfortable.

If you can make your way to Collingwood this winter and give up a day of snowboarding or skiing at Blue Mountain to try something different, I really recommend giving snowshoeing a shot. You still get a decent workout from it (bring water!!) and it's another way to enjoy the snow from a different perspective.

above: I was REALLY excited to be snowshoeing (disclaimer: this photo was taken before I had to climb a steep hill)

above: The Deep Woods trail was my favourite. We literally got to snowshoe deep into the woods. Since it was late afternoon, the trail was less busy and it was really quiet and peaceful.

above: View from the top of Blue Mountain.

above: I loved the way they marked the trails. There were tiny handmade traditional snowshoes on some of the marks.

below: These are photos I took with my iPhone 6

above: Bryon. What a babe.

above: A selfie we took at the lookout on the loop of the blue trail.