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WINTER WONDERLAND | Algonquin Park Getaway

Parka: Aritzia (no longer available, similar here) | Hat: Vans (no longer available, similar here) | Boots: Hunter Boots | Leg Warmers: Roots

It's my first blog post! I'm so excited to start this project, and I knew this would be the perfect post to begin with.

While on a weekend getaway in Algonquin Park with my boyfriend, Bryon, we started snapping pictures on the Spruce Bog Boardwalk just outside Huntsville. Bryon was having a great time with my Canon Rebel (which I hadn't made use of in YEARS), and I thought - we should start a blog. Luella Pearl is probably not what he had in mind, but I had wanted to use my great grandma's name for a project for a while and I felt like this was the perfect fit.

Now that I've done my little intro - let's focus on my first post! (forgive the photography, we're still learning!)

Algonquin Park is the most amazing place in Ontario. My aunt has a cottage there and I've spent a few summers immersed in it's beautiful deciduous forests. I love the lakes, the woods, the wildlife and its vast territory that even the most seasoned outdoorsmen could get lost in and never be found. My family and I have also done some camping there, but it had been quite a few years since my last visit.

We stayed at resort just outside the park, but took some time to hike a short trail that was full of hungry tame birds. My favourite bird is the Gray Jay, also known as the whiskey jack or Wiskedjak, and I know they are well populated in the park. For the most part, I was surrounded by Chickadees who bravely ate out of my hand and flew around me as we walked through the trail. Finally toward the end of the trail I spotted a Gray Jay when we stopped momentarily and I almost screamed a Bryon because I was so excited. I was so excited when the bird perched on my hand to eat some seed (which it was particularly interested in).

If you do happen to visit the park, I highly recommend hiking or snowshoeing this trail in the winter. It is absolutely breathtaking.

The photographer, below. Bryon :)


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